How to use TheWhiteWay Teeth Whitening Kit


  1. Brush your teeth before applying the serum.
  2. Take off the cap from the wand which you will find in the starter kit box.
  3. Twist TheWhiteWay wand until the serum starts to appear. (You may have to repeat this more than once)
  4. Use the wand to apply the serum, ensure you thoroughly cover your teeth top to bottom.
  5. Connect the LED mouth guard to you mobile device.
  6. Place the mouth guard in your mouth 
  7. Press the 16 Minute timer and LED mouth guard will light up.
  8. You are now ready to go –  Wait 16 minutes to see the results!
  9. Once the 16 minutes are up, rinse your mouth, Mouth Guard and replace ‘TheWhiteWayCo Teeth Whitening Kit’ back in its box. 

For our best results repeat this process for 16 minutes every day for 6-10 days and if you wish to track your results simply take a photo and compare against ‘TheWhiteWay 3D Teeth Shade Guide’

We recommend applying the treatment an hour before bed.

Teeth Whitening

Please be aware your mouth may produce more salvia than usual during the treatment and this is nothing to worry about.